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Shelton Clean Sweep
What do we do with the garbage we pick up? The City will pick up any litter you collect as long as you leave it near the roadside where you picked it up and let the Highways and Bridges Department know you have left it (203-924-9277 or n.walsh@cityofshelton.org). If you have only one or two bags, please include it with your regular trash pickup rather than calling HIghways and Bridges. Note: NO HOUSEHOLD CLEAN-UPS (junk from attics and basements) will be hauled by Highways & Bridges. This event is only for litter.  Public Works has information about proper disposal and recycling of special materials on their webpage.

2. Where can we get garbage bags? Bags and gloves will be available from the Natural Resource Manager, Teresa Gallagher, Room 102 in City Hall. Call first to be sure she is not out in the field 203-924-1555 x1315 or email conservation@cityofshelton.org.

3. Does our event have to be on Earth Day? No! Shelton Clean Sweep is very flexible. Do it when you can, preferably that week, but this is not critical.

4. How do I get patches for my participants?  Email the Natural Resource Manager at conservation@cityofshelton.org.

5. How do I get credit for High School Community Service hours?  Attend a group clean-up for which a leader is qualified to sign your form. As of 2022, that includes clean-ups sponsored by Housatonic River Cleanup Inc., Shelton Clean Up Project, the City of Shelton, the Shelton Land Trust, and any other group that is preapproved with the High School for community service. For other group clean ups or independent projects, check with high school staff to see if that will qualify.

6. What hazards should I be aware of? Poison ivy is very easy to get in April - wear long pants and gloves. The tiny leaves are just starting to open and are often red. Sharp objects, such as glass, nails and needles may be a hazard. Traffic can be a hazard: Streets may be closed to traffic by the Police Department if requested, but some cars will still go around the barriers and speed down the road. Posting an extra sign or having someone at the road entrances to explain the clean-up is suggested. Participants should be sure to wear bright colors (preferably safety vests) when around traffic.

7. I know of some land that needs cleaning - can I select that property even though I don't see it listed? Absolutely. But if it is private property, be sure to obtain permission from the property owner first.

8. How do I get my neighbors involved? It's much easier than you think - many people are willing to become involved as long as someone ELSE starts the ball rolling. We have created a flyer template you can use. The form is an MS Word document - you can either print out the form and fill it in by hand, or use your computer to complete the flyer. Download the Neighborhood Event flyer. Just pick a date, time and location, fill out the flyer form, and distribute to your neighbors. There may be some neighborhood kids willing to distribute the flyers for you.